How international health insurance can actually make you healthier

health insurance worldwideWhen we think of global health insurance and the benefits it provides, we tend to think about instances of medical emergencies. Most people purchase this product looking for peace of mind and the reduction of risk, both in regards to their health and their finances. They know that no matter what occurs they are going to be protected. But, international medical insurance offers so much more than this. It actually gives you the platform to be much healthier.

Of course this all depends on the level of cover you go for when purchasing a global medical insurance policy, as high cover policies will obviously give you extra health perks. Nonetheless, one thing that all covers have in common is access to the best hospitals, facilities and professionals. You can be safe in the knowledge that whether you go for a check-up or you are having a major operation you will benefit from super health care. This is particularly beneficial if you are in a country whereby the overall standard of health care is low. Without international health insurance you will have no choice over the hospital you go to or the doctor you use, and thus you have no control over the level of health care you will receive.

Aside from benefitting from a better level of health care, one of the main reasons why you will become healthier by having an international health insurance plan is by having regular health checks. This is a common feature with these policies. You will be more encouraged to have health checks, as you won’t have to pay for them and you won’t have to suffer extensive waiting lists or be forced to see a doctor you don’t want to. As a consequence, any health issues will be identified early. This can stop serious issues developing. You will be able to deal with any problems early, ensuring you stay as healthy as possible.

All in all, buying international medical insurance is not merely about protecting yourself in cases of emergency. You can actually make yourself healthier and reduce the chances of such a medical emergency occurring. The benefits of this should not be overlooked. After all, nothing is more important than your health!


Who can buy international healt insurance

international health insurance plansAn international health insurance plan may be something you are considering, and rightly so, there are lots of benefits associated with these types of policies. Global medical insurance provides policyholders with access to the best health care and ensures that not only is their health protected but their finances too. However, the only trouble is determining whether this is the right type of health insurance plan for you. With various other options available, such as local policies and travel insurance, it’s of no surprise that people feel somewhat confused.

So, who can buy international health insurance? Well, the truth is anyone can acquire this type of policy. However, it has been designed for expatriates – someone who temporarily or permanently resides in a country other than the place they were brought up in. It doesn’t matter whether you are moving abroad to work or study or retire, a global health insurance plan is the ideal option for you. This is because these policies are designed to provide worldwide cover, ensuring you are covered no matter where you are. Thus, even though this policy type is designed for expats, it’s also ideal for those that travel on a regular basis as well. International health insurance policies provide a much greater level of cover and many more benefits than travel plans do.

There aren’t too many restrictions associated with worldwide health insurance – the only two tend to be age and pre-existing medical conditions. In regards to age, a lot of companies will refuse to insure anyone over the age of 65. Nonetheless, if you are over 65, don’t panic, as some providers insure individuals over the age of 100! When it comes to pre-existing medical conditions, there are various ways around this. A lot of insurers will present you with a policy that simply excludes the conditions you have. There are then those that will allow you to have international health insurance, yet your premiums will be higher than the average rate. Simply consider your options carefully before choosing a policy.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of worldwide medical insurance and whether it’s the right choice for you. If you are an expat, considering a move abroad, or someone who travels frequently, you should definitely think about acquiring this type of health insurance policy.